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    Passwordless authentication

    Passwordless authentication is a method of verifying user identity that does not require the user to enter a password.

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Eliminate password-related vulnerabilities.

The next level over common passwords with MFA.

Eliminate the vulnerabilities associated with traditional passwords, such as weak passwords, password reuse, and password-based attacks like phishing.

Instead, passwordless authentication sends a one-time passcode via email or text message (SMS). To use a one-time passcode, the user must enter the code within a specified time period, usually within a few minutes, to authenticate their identity.

Passwordless authentication can provide a more secure and convenient method of authentication, as it eliminates the need for users to create and remember complex passwords, which are often a weak point in security. One-time passcodes can be a more secure method of authentication than passwords, as they are only valid for a single use and have a limited validity period. However, one-time passcodes may be susceptible to interception or theft if sent via unsecured communication channels.

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