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Seamless identity access management for secure digital collaboration

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  • Identification

    Establish user identity with seamless methods for authentication

    It all starts with the identity of customers, partners, employees, apps and other services. With Authway you can use any of the most common authentication methods.

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    • Single-sign-on

      Don’t force users to create accounts

      Say goodbye to password fatigue! With Single-sign-on (SSO), users can access all your applications using just one set of credentials, eliminating the need to create and remember multiple usernames and passwords.

      A flowchart illustrating how a users within different organisations can access a service with Single-sign-on.
    • Organisations and applications

    Smooth experience between your organisations and your applications.

    • Enterprise SSO and beyond

    With protocols such as OpenID Connect and SAML you can secure your users journey through the entire workflow.

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      Another dark month for passwords

      January was a dark month for our collective use of passwords. Russian hackers breached Microsoft, and 26 billion records of sensitive information were leaked in the Mother Of All Breaches (MOAB).

      Our Eric Quist gives some advice on how you can work to secure your applications.

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    • Secure access to applications

      Protect your critical business systems

      Implement robust access controls and access management to protect sensitive data and maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your systems.

      illustration of multiple applications connecting together.
      • Multi-tenant

        Multi-tenant for your customer

        Rest easy knowing that each customer’s data remains isolated and secure. Multi-Tenant ensures the integrity and confidentiality of your clients’ information.

        Our solution enables self-service and tailor-made experiences on a new level, saving you time and resources in administration tasks.

        Illustration of how multiple tenants have isolated databases in the same application.


      Self service

      Multi-Tenant enables self-service by granting users autonomy, customization, and efficient control over their own organisation.


      Unique sign-in methods per organisation

      Email/Password for one, SSO-sign in for another. Each organisation can have its own sign-in method.


      Open up your APIs

      Keep your control over which application or organisation gets access to what.


      Tailor-made levels of access

      Effortlessly segment your customer base based on their requirements and tailor access permissions to align with their unique roles, responsibilities, and priorities.

      • SSO between applications

        Stay signed in and switch between applications with ease

      • Let single-sign-on make your business more efficient

        Have your users focus on their assignment instead of managing passwords for each and every application. Save admin time on password resets and support tickets.

        Illustrating how a user through single-sign-on can access multiple services.

      Secure APIs

      A multi-layered approach to securing APIs with strong authentication and authorization

      Permission-based access control makes it easy to implement least privilege access for both users and applications

      The possibility of segmenting different applications possibilities to use APIs, not depending on the end-users permissions, makes it possible to handle even complex scenarios.

      • Authway helps you follow best practices for API security to ensure that your organisations APIs are secure and well-protected against a wide range of security threats.

        • Strong authentication and authorization
        • Encryption
        • Secure design and architecture
        • Regular testing and auditing
        Secure API icon

      Customizable UI

      • For your brand...

        Customizable interface and user experience for your brand

        We ensure that the sign-in experience has the look and feel your brand deserves. Distinguish your business and show your identity.

        Image illustrating how you can customize the Authway UI.
      • ...and for individual applications

        Tailor Authway to match all your applications

        Customize the look and feel for different applications for your multiple brands. The benefits of a single solution with the flexibility of multiple.

      • Hosting

        Cloud managed service, private cloud or on-premises hosting

        Depending on your infrastructure, expertise and ability to maintain a CIAM solution you can choose to host yourself or get Authway by the Identity as a Service (IDaaS) model.

      • Stay ahead of heavy loads and disruptions

        Authway can handle tens of thousands sign-ins in the same time you’ve read a page in your favourite book. Paired with our excellent availability means you’ll always be covered when you need it.


        A graph of a loadtest where 32000 sucessful sign-ins were made in 3 minutes and 16 seconds.
      • Embrace guilt-free computing

        Our primary data centers in Sweden is powered with 100% carbon-free energy and supports zero-waste operations.

        Authways ambition as a company is to follow the 1.5 degree trajectory recommended in the Paris Climate Accord.

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      Built with privacy in mind to meet regulations and to ensure your users and customers trust

      Authway is a Swedish company which enables us to align seamlessly with EU data protection regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

      • Comprehensive user auditing
      • Gather consent during sign-up
      • Clean up inactive users
      • Only collect and use necessary data for a specific purpose
      • … and more


      Privacy & GDPR

      Focus on what you’re good at. Let our data protection processes save you time and resources while upholding compliance standards.



      We believe in a secure and inclusive digital world. Our aim is to comply with WCAG accessibility standards and authentication standards such as OAuth, OpenID Connect, SAML and more for a secure, accessible and user-friendly experience for all users, regardless of abilities.