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    Social login

    Simplify the onboarding process and eliminate the need for users to create new accounts for each of your applications.

    Illustration of social login to an application.

Provide a familiar and frictionless login process.

Enable users to log in with their existing social media accounts.

Leverage trust in established social platforms.

Social login is a method of authentication that allows users to log in to an application or website using their existing social media account credentials, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, or X.

When users choose to log in using their social media account, Authway might requests permission to access certain information from their social media profile, such as name and email address, but in most cases we only use a unique identifier. Once the user grants permission, the social media provider sends a token, which is used to authenticate the user.

This method of authentication is often used to simplify the registration and login process for users, as they do not need to create a new account or remember a new set of login credentials and it increases the security since passwords are valuable information for attackers.

However, the use of social login raises concerns about privacy and data sharing. Users may be unaware of the information that is being shared with IRM CIAM and many therefor choose to not use social login.

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