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    Verified identities

    Build confidence among your customers by leveraging well-known and trusted identity providers like BankID and Freja eID.

    Illustration of a person with an ID-card.


Highly secure method of authentication.


Essential for applications that need to be absolutely sure about the users identity.

Convenience and security for your business and users

Using verified identities, such as the Swedish/Norwegian BankID or Freja eID, for authentication is a highly secure method of authentication. Most users find it very convenient to use their preferred verified identity solution, but some users only want to use it in a private context and not for work-related authentication. Authway only uses it for doing a unique identification and by default we don’t provide the personal identity number (for GDPR reasons) even though it is easy to do for situations where it is needed.

The availability of verified identities varies among countries so that might also be a factor to evaluate before deciding whether to use them or not.

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