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    Build confidence among your customers by leveraging well-known and trusted identity providers like BankID and Freja eID.

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Highly secure method of authentication.


Essential for applications that need to be absolutely sure about the users identity.

The benefits of eID for your business

Implementing electronic identification (eID) such as Swedish/Norwegian BankID or Freja eID in your business can offer a range of benefits. It significantly enhances security compared to traditional authentication methods, employing robust encryption and authentication protocols to reduce the risk of unauthorized access and identity theft.

eID is a powerful tool for preventing fraud by providing a reliable means of verifying user identities. This is particularly crucial in online transactions, financial services, and any context where the risk of fraudulent activities is a concern.

On the operational side, eID simplifies and expedites the user flow. Users can quickly and securely verify their identity, minimizing the time and effort required to create accounts or access your services.

For businesses involved in contracts, agreements, or legal documents, eID facilitates using digital signatures, making electronic signatures secure and legally binding. This not only reduces paperwork but also enhances the efficiency of authorization processes.

Convenience and security for your business and users

Using verified identities like Swedish/Norwegian BankID or Freja eID for authentication is a highly secure authentication method. Many users prefer the convenience of their chosen verified identity solution, but some only want to use it privately, not for work-related authentication. Authway exclusively employs it for unique identification, omitting personal identity numbers by default for GDPR compliance. However, it can be easily provided when necessary.

It’s essential to note that the availability of verified identities varies by country, which is a factor to consider when deciding whether to implement them.

A faster and easier way to eID

Authway serves as a solution for integrating Swedish/Norwegian BankID and Freja eID into your application. Forget the administration, certificates and implementation. Authway streamlines the process, removing the need for your business to build these functionalities yourselves. Leverage the secure and efficient authentication capabilities of Swedish or Norwegian BankID and Freja eID without the burden of extensive development tasks.

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